Nov 21 2014

2nd Annual Pittsburgh Regional Amateur Ping Pong Tournament Results

2nd Annual Pittsburgh Regional Pro B winners

Thanks to everyone for coming out this weekend for the 2nd Annual Pittsburgh Regional Amateur Ping Pong Tournament. It was a great success! We had a record 82 participants over two days (up from around 64 last year), plus lots of spectators and even a photographer from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Special thanks to Bobby Cox and Sam Thong for their generous contributions, and as always to Allegheny County Parks department for providing such a great location for us. And thanks to everyone, especially Harold Elson, for their help with setup and teardown.

Here are the results, along with the club affiliations of the winners…

AMATEUR OPEN – 16 participants

  • First place: Imrul Kayes (Amateur)
  • Second place: Steve Gerson (Amateur)
  • Third place: Nate Buttonfield (Amateur)
  • Fourth place: Zubin Teckchandani (Amateur)

YOUTH (AGE 14 AND UNDER):  15 participants

  • First place: Milo Baron (Pittsburgh Oakland and South Park)
  • Second place: Sean Heinzelman (South Park)
  • Consolation round winner: Joe Schulte (Amateur)

TEEN (AGE 15-18):  3 participants

  • First place: Dan Crawford (Pittsburgh Oakland)
  • Second place: Artem Lawhead (Amateur)

HARDBAT:  12 participants

  • First place: Anthony Lewis (Pittsburgh Oakland and South Park)
  • Second place: Alex Meleshenko (Pittsburgh Oakland and South Park)

DOUBLES:  6 teams

  • First place: Mike Stanton (Amateur) and Steve Carlin (South Park)
  • Second place: Steve Gerson (Amateur) and Airat Amerov (Amateur)

MASTERS:  7 participants

  • First place: Dan Jones (Amateur)
  • Second place: Guoqiang Wang (Pittsburgh Oakland)

WOMEN’S:  3 participants

  • First place: Jennifer Guyton (Amateur)
  • Second place: Antonina Simakova (Pittsburgh Oakland)

PRO “A”:  17 participants

  • First place: Conner Bockhoven (PITT)
  • Second place: Mike Walk (South Park)
  • Consolation round winner: Maruf Monwar (South Park)

PRO “B”:  10 participants

  • First place: Wei Luo (Pittsburgh Oakland)
  • Second place: Xiangyang Zhou (Pittsburgh Oakland)
  • Special honorable mention to Imrul Kayes, who had an epic battle with Xiang in the semi-finals.

PRO “C”:  18 participants

  • First place: David Herman (Pittsburgh Oakland)
  • Second place: Logan Herman (Pittsburgh Oakland)

I have lots of photos from the event and will post them somewhere in the next week or so.

Thanks again everyone. See you all next time!

Jeff Pepper and Chip Coulter
Tournament Co-Chairs

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