Nov 09 2015

3rd Annual Amateur Ping Pong Tournament results

Well, the 3rd annual Amateur Ping Pong Championship is history.  It was a great weekend, there were lots of exciting matches, and everyone had a good time.

One of the most exciting events was the Pro “B” playoffs on Sunday afternoon.  The playoffs featured strong players from both local clubs as well as several talented amateurs.  When all the dust cleared, the winner was Sheng “Titan” Li, an amateur player, who won every match he played!  And winner of the consolation playoff round was Alex King, another amateur playing in his first tournament.

Many thanks to everyone who played, to all the parents and friends who came to cheer them on, and to the volunteers who made it all work.

Here are all the winners, with home club, if any.

Youth (under age 18):
.        1st place: Joe Schulte
.        2nd place: Jacob Chovanek
Masters (over age 45):
.        1st place:  Jeff Pepper (SPTTC and POTTC)
.        2nd place: Guoqiang Wang (POTTC)
.        1st place: Tomo Teraoka (POTTC)
.        2nd place: Shuhei Shimamura (POTTC)
Amateur Singles:
.        1st place:  Ameya Nanivandekar
.        2nd place: Alejandro Mejia
.        3rd/4th place: Cesar Schalm, Xiaomeng
.        Consolation Round Playoff Winner: Jacob Chovanek
Pro “A” (over 1400 rating):
.        1st place: Randy Seemiller (SPTTC)
.        2nd place: Connor Bockhoven
.        3rd/4th place: Chip Coulter (SPTTC), Tomo Teraoka (POTTC)
.        Consolation Round Playoff Winner: Sheng Li (amateur!)
Pro “B” (under 1600 rating):
.        1st place:  Sheng Li (amateur!!)
.        2nd place: Logan Herman (POTTC)
.        3rd/4th place: Imrul Kayes (POTTC) and David Herman (POTTC)
.        Consolation Round Playoff Winner: Alex King (amateur!)

See you all next year!!!

Best regards,

Jeff Pepper and Chip Coulter

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