Jan 31 2016

POTTC Money Madness Results – 1/30/16

Hi Pongers,

Nice turnout on a gorgeous Jan day. Thanks to all who came out to make the Money Madness Tourney such a success!

Before we review, important announcement. We will have an abbreviated Sunday open play and clinic, 1-3pm, due to a scheduling conflict. Those clinic players who want extended time can follow Mark to CCHS secondary site and train until 5pm.

Let’s review the great tourney action!


Pool 1 – Paul Leu used big strokes to upset Mike Zoller 2-1, but Nick List dropped Paul 2-1, giving Mike the top seed.

Pool 2 – Oleg proved too much for the group, beating runnerup Doc Bott 2-1, then sweeping to 8-1 top seed.

Pool 3 – In a shocker, Maurizio Vitale upset runnerup Harry Sirockman 3-0 (all 9’s) to finish 9-0.

Pool 4 – Will Gatti used his great counter game to sweep the group, with Mark Broscoe using his tough smash to finish second.


Quarters – Zoller takes down Sirockman in a nail-biter; Bott baffles Maurizio; Broscoe disrupts Oleg’s timing; Gatti outhits Paul Leu.

SEMIS – Zoller confuses Bott with spin variety; Gatti hits through Broscoe.

FINALS – Zoller erects his D wall, stymies Gatti’s ($95) power drives to win the $150 prize!! Broscoe powers past Bott to win the $45 third.


Pool 1 – Great balance and some fine wars. Alexey opens with a 2-1 upset over Pepper; Jeff recovers to best Sebastian; Emeka spins past Alexey 2-1; Sebastian then edges Emeka. Meanwhile, the returning Sai began to find his nice shots, taking 2 off everyone, setting up a title match with Jeff. Jeff uses nice blocks, and some wily pip action to sweep 3-0 to a title, allowing Alexey to grab second.

Pool 2 – Rick Ankney finally solved the unusual games of Vik and Don to win 2-1 each. Vivek had not trouble with the same duo in a sweep; Don blocked down Earl Ascano 2-1; and Earl solved Vik 2-1. Later, Rick sweeps Vivek in a 1 vs 2 title match.


Quarters – Vivek spins past Don; Emeka spins and smashes past tricky Vik.

SEMIS – Vivek backhands past a tough Sai; Rick A counter blasts through Emeka.

FINALS – Rick brings out the tough counter drives and blocks, thwarts Vivek ($60) for the $100 prize!

U1800: Pool 1 – Menj Ju shocks with a 9-0 sweep over a very tough group, with Igor Liashko grabbing second with a 2-1 win over Minglu Gao.

Pool 2 – In another balanced group, Wei Luo powered past Marks and Chen 2-1, then denied Logan a playoff spot with a close 3-0 W. Chen’s 2-1 victory over Logan gave him a 2nd seed.

Pool 3 – Shuhei brought the pips smash heat out to sweep Jonathon Budd and Herman on his way to a shocking 9-0, with Budd blanking/pipping the others for 2nd.

Pool 4 – Imrul Kayes nipped runnerup David Herman 2-1, then Istavn Kovacs 2-1 to grab this group.


Quarters – Menj Ju spins past Chen; Budd pips Imrul; Shuhei edges Igor; Wei powers past David.

SEMIS – Budd frustrates Menj Ju with a variety of pip shots; Wei edges Shuhei in a great duel, deuce in the third.

FINALS – Budd ($90) starts well, looks in control, but Wei unleashes the power spin backhand, coming back to power his way to the $140 top prize. Menj Ju edges Shuhei to grab $45 third.


Pool 1 – Mark K starts strong, blasts Wei early to win 2-1; Tomo follows with a close 2-1 over Wei; Russ shocks sense into Mark and Wei by stealing a game each; Tomo edges Mark in a 2-1 thriller for the top seed.

Pool 2 – Jerry gets by a hot Shuhei 2-1; Chip cruises past Sai; Chip edges runnerup Jerry 2-1 in a true nailbiter to grab top seed.


Chip smacks Russ; Mark beats a fatigued Shuhei in a sloppy affair; Tomo dominates Sai; Jerry finally solves Wei in an impressive 3-0 W.

SEMIS – Mark K and Chip put on a slugfest show, with Chip winning a tight 3-1 fan delight; Tomo too much speed and spin for Jerry 3-0.

FINALS – Chip starts strong, takes game 1 off a misfiring Tomo, but Tomo recovers to bring the big power loops out, taking games 2 and 3. Chip adapts, mixes spins and shots to grab game 4. At 5-5 in the decider, Chip plays great D, Tomo just misses some big shots, falls in a 10-7 hole. Tomo ($45) nets a loop to give the great veteran Chip ($80) another POTTC title!!

WEEK SCHEDULE: Tuesday – car pool to South Park (leave Oakland at 6:15), Thurs open play 6-9; Saturday LEAGUE, Sunday open play and clinic.

Mark Krotec

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