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POTTC Money Table Tennis Tournament – Saturday 7/15/17 – Results



Yash Shah   

James Rankin  

Oliver Voecking 
 Mike Zoller


FINALS:  MIKE ZOLLER defeats Oliver Voecking




Rohan Gaur 
Alice Lunardon  

Pat O’Neil

Luke Chilson

Bart Elliot  

Eric Fischer

Oliver Voecking  
Mike Zoller  

James Rankin  

FINAL 4 :  Bart Elliot, Pat O’Neil. 

FINAL:   ROHAN GAUR defeats Luke Chilson






Alice Lunardon

Pat O’Neil  

Ilia Minkin  

Kap Mung  

Craig Nivens

Luke Chilson  

Bart Elliot  

Lars Austero  

Eric Fischer  

Rahul Singh

Mark Lefty Krotec  

Jeff Pepper  

FINAL 4 :  Jeff Pepper defeats Craig Nivens; Rahul Singh defeats Ilia Minkin

FINAL:  Rahul defeats Jeff.   THIRD:  Nivens defeats Minkin.


Hi Pongers,

The POTTC is hosting a money tourney on Saturday July 15. I have attached our flyer. Hope to see you there!!

Mark Krotec

POTTC Money Madness Table Tennis  Tournament


ACE Hotel, 120 S. Whitfield St. Pgh PA 15206

10:00am-3pm (doors open at 9am) – $20 entry

4 Divisions: Novice (U1000) – 9:30am; U1600 – 10:30am; U1300 – 11:00am; Open – 11:30am
Format – RR pools of 4-6, followed by a Knockout Tournament


**Ratings will be assigned to unrated players based upon USATT, local club ratings, or ability estimation.


  • 1 st – 50% of pool money
  • 2 nd – 30%
  • 3 rd – 10%

Registration/questions: contact Mark Krotec

mckrotec@yahoo.com 412-916- 2439


Saturday Juy 15 ACE tourney

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    • Alex Averin on July 14, 2017 at 11:23 am

    Hi Mark, is this like a normal tournament or what makes it “handicap”? What ball and tables are used as well id like to know and what high rated players are signed up to play. I’m thinking to play but not sure.

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