Apr 03 2016

POTTC Results for April 3, 2016

POTTC Results for April 3, 2016

Hi pongers,

Light turnout on Bucco opening day! Reminder to sign up for upcoming tourneys soon. We will have carpools to events. Also, remember that our season awards are only about 6 weeks away. Be sure to help your cause with attendance at our league. To the action!


Minglu ruled his group, sweeping to 8-0, including nice wins over Scott H and Sebastian. Scott grabbed second with a 2-0 win over Sebastian and a split with Emeka.

In the other group, Imrul grabbed the title with a 1-1 split with Jeff Pepper, combined with Sean H surprising Jeff to split 1-1.


Group A – Pretty predictable finish again. Jerry rolled through the field to the tune of 9-0, and Mark K won all his matches, despite dropping games to Imrul and Minglu. Title match turned out to be like many of these matchups, aside from the sloppy play by both Mark and Jerry. Mark blows 2 late leads, losing in deuce to nice Jerry comebacks, and Jerry sealed the 12-0 great day with a 11-6 W in game three. Imrul managed to grab 3rd with a tight 2-1 win over Minglu.

Group B – Nice story here! Sean H continued his rise up the ranks with a 9-0 start, including nice wins over Emeka and Alexey. Only blemish was a 2-1 win over Jeff, resulting in a great 11-1 day for the junior. Emeka grabbed second with a 3-0 W over Alexey and a tight 2-1 W over 3rd place Jeff.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Tough call! Let’s go with both Jerry and Sean, the present and the future. Kudos to Minglu and Emeka.

WEEK SCHEDULE: Tuesday carpool to South Park; Thursday training at CCHS 4-6; Friday open play CCHS 5:30-9 ; Sunday league 9-1 CCHS, Sunday clinic 12-4 CCHS.

Mark Krotec

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