Feb 20 2016

POTTC Results for February 20, 2016

POTTC Results for February 20, 2016

Hi Pongers,

Small crowd on this glorious winter day. We welcomed 2 new players to our mix, Chris Bell and Prasad Kawthekar.

Important news: we will be moving out of our current facility either Saturday March 5 or March 12, immediately after our league. We would very much appreciate your help in moving tables onto the truck, so please make it a point to attend. To the action!!


Group 1 – Shuhei swept this group that featured 4 other very balanced players. Vivek, Emeka, and Prasad battled evenly, but Prasad grabbed second with a 2-0 W over rapidly improving Paul Leu.

Group 2 –Jeff Pepper continued his rise, stealing a game off Wei to tie him for first. Oleg showed flashes of greatness, and swept Alik for third.

Grooup 3 –Menj Ju swept through runnerup Imrul 2-0 to grab the title.


GROUP A – Crash and Burn! Top-ranked Mark K battled through muscle cramps and fatigue to no avail. First, Shuhei smashed by Mark, then Jerry edged a tough Wei 2-1, and Menj Ju servd passed Jeff. Mark gets a lucky win over Wei; Jerry edges rising star Menj Ju 2-1; Jerry blocks Shuhei 2-1; Menju Ju serves and spins past Mark 2-1; Wei gets by Menj Ju 2-1 to ice second in a great match. Jerry finishes off Mark easily 3-0 to take the G2 with a strong 12-3 mark.

GROUP B – Emeka starts out strong, upsets heavy group favorite Imrul 2-1 with some nice spins. Prasad upsets Vivek in impressive fashion 3-0; Vivek recovers to beat Emeka 2-1; Paul surprises Vivek 2-1, then grabs a game off Imrul (wow for the new guy). In the end, Imrul’s sweeps over Prasad and Vivek earn him the G2.

GROUP C – Oleg just had too much spin and power, sweeping to a 9-0 G2. Dan Fortier finished second with nice wins over Chris and Alik.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Paul Leu, for his big wins and improving play. Big Kudos to Jerry and Menj Ju, and a nod to Oleg and Emeka.

WEEK SCHEDULE: Tuesday – car pool to South Park (leave Oakland at 6:15), Thurs open play 6-9; Saturday LEAGUE, Sunday open play and clinic.

Mark Krotec

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