Feb 06 2016

POTTC Results for February 6, 2016

POTTC Results for February 6, 2016

Hi Pongers,

After a great Money tourney, we are back to league action. Speaking of tourneys, the USATT season is ramping up. March 4-6 is the 4-star Arnold Challenge in Columbus Ohio. I plan on going Saturday (March 5) morning, leaving our area about 7am. Be glad to drive a group! This is a great event, a true festival of sports, so let’s try to send a strong contingent to represent the POTTC. There are also tourneys coming up in Philly, Washington, Erie, and our State Championships (Philly, April) for anyone interested. Now let’s review our league action!

PRELIM RR : There was a new sheriff in town, and his name was Jeff ‘by the book’ Pepper. Jeff enforced the 10am start rule, much to the chagrin of the normal scofflaws, resulting in only 1 pool of earlybirds. There was a method to his madness, for he forged a tie with Minglu, even defeating a returning Rick Clarval. Great to see Rick back in action, won’t be long ‘til he is spinning balls past us all. Rick managed 3rd, with Alexey defeating Alik for 4th.


Group A – Menj Ju starts strong edging Minglu 2-1, who goes down with an ankle injury to reduce the group to 5. Budd welcomes Rick to the A’s with his nasty pips; Jerry edges Budd 2-1, then sweeps Rick. Imrul manages to win a game each off of Menj Ju, Jerry, and Budd, then edges Rick 2-1. When all said and done, Jerry had too much skill for the group, winning a G2 with a 10-2 mark. Jonathon Budd grabbed second at 8-4, and Menj Ju pulled 3rd.

Group B – Logan Herman responded to the ‘A’ group slight in strong fashion, blasting his way to a 11-1 G2 title. Jeff Pepper (10-2) had a fine showing, mixing strong blocks, pips, and pushes to sweep Archit and Vivek, while taking a game off Logan to boot. Vivek spun past Archit 2-1 to grab third.

Group C – Emeka brought out the broom and his tricky spin game, sweeping the opponents to a 12-0 G2 trophy. Oleg swept rookie Nick List and Alik, but Paul Leu copied that feat and won the grudge match with Oleg 2-1 to grab second. Nick then swept Alik for his first league W.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Jeff Pepper, new badge and all!! Let’s hope the players respond to this new schedule. Kudos to Logan, Jonathon, and Emeka.

WEEK SCHEDULE: Tuesday – car pool to South Park (leave Oakland at 6:15), Thurs open play 6-9; Saturday LEAGUE, Sunday open play and clinic.

Mark Krotec

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