Jun 28 2015

POTTC Results for June 27, 2015

POTTC Results for June 27, 2015

Hi pongers,

This rainy day was just ducky for the pong faithful. Over 24 players, with newcomers Freddy Unyangunga and Joseph Mudinyangi enjoying their first competition. Big news is that we are getting 2 new tables Monday evening. Any volunteers available to meet at church at 5:30?? Contact coach Akbar if you can.

To the action!


Some great stories in this early action! After Shuhei and Logan split a title with 7-1 records, chaos ruled! Rick Ankney grabbed a game off Shine, then Shine decimated the field, including a 2-0 dismantle of Jon ‘pips’ Budd. In a very tough group, a cold Wei got dropped 3 games, losing a title to the improving Atul Madhusudan. Akar, Sebastian, and Almir fought tooth and claw to identical 3-5 marks. But the BIG story of the summer was the great performance by rising junior star David ‘the wall’ Herman, who blocked and pipped past powerful Onur and Mark Weiner on his way to a 6-0 title. Wow!


Group A – More surprises in the top group. David drops Shine 2-1; Budd pips David 3-0; Shine powers past Budd’s pips 2-1; Budd outfoxes Mark 2-1; David steals a game off Mark; Shuhei drops the hammer on Jon and Shine 6-0 combined! In the determining matches, Mark and Onur split two, then a cold Onur loses big in third. Shuhei pulls a stunner by sweeping a misfiring Onur. In the end, Mark K dropped Shuhei 3-0 to capture the G2.

Group B – Let’s just say that Wei warmed up a bunch. Basically he was a flame thrower, blowing his big shot past everyone for a tremendous 12-0 title. Atul dropped a slumping Logan 3-0 for second; Logan recovered to paste poppa Herman and Sebastian to post third.

Group C – Pretty balanced group, with a predictable finish. Almir sweeps Vivek for a nice win; Mark matches that feat with some serious loops; Vivek recovers to drop Nandi; then Nandi shocks the group with a crazy 3-0 upset over a practicing Akbar. Title game matched training buddies Mark and Akbar, with coach Akbar spinning and serving to a 2-1 win and 8-4 G2 title.

Group D – Alexey ruled this novice group like a pro, sweeping to a 12-0 G2 title. Freddy dropped Lingga 2-1 for his first POTTC victory; then Joe sweeps his buddy Freddy; Dan sweeps past both newcomers and Lingga to grab nice 9-3 second place.


Quarters: Akbar smashes through Herman in an even affair; Almir takes advantage of a huge handicap to edge Wei; Mark has enough to spin past David in another classic; Shuhei gets the worst draw, giving big spread to the highly underrated Nandi, who wins handily. Big game was the great comeback of Logan against Vivek. He ties it at 30-30, only to see a big smash and an unforced error thwart his efforts. Mark W then spins great, rips through Almir.

SEMIS: Mark continues his stellar spinning, smacks the great handicap play of Nandi. Akbar pulls out his steady slow spin game, overcomes big spot to edge Vivek.

FINALS: Buddies Mark and Akbar agree to a draw, but comish says we’ll play it next week!

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: No contest, gotta be David Herman for shooting down some of the big boys! Big Kudos to Shuhei, and to Wei. Doff of the cap to Akbar, Atul, and Mark W.

WEEK SCHEDULE: Sunday open play + clinic 1:15-4:30, thurs 6-9, Saturday league 9:30-2.

Mark Krotec

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