Jan 25 2015

POTTC Results for January 24, 2015

POTTC Results for January 24, 2015

Hi pongers,

Nice crowd for a cold Jan day.

We welcomed a new player, Jeff Li, to our ranks, joining in the spirited competition.

Before we begin the review, we have another schedule change to deal with. We will only be open Thursdays 6-9, Saturday 11:30-4, Sunday 1:30-4:30. Tuesdays would be a great evening to attend the South Park league. I will also hold some trainings at CCHS for those interested in other days.

To the action!

Prelim RR: Logan Herman upset Mike Marks and split with Shuhei to grab his group; Onur defeated Ali 2-0 for the W; Imrul outlasted Herman 2-0 for the cup; and Jon Budd split with Scott H to share a title.


Group A – Interesting mix of styles led to some strange results. But in the end, Jerry Schaub downed Mark K 2-1 to win the G2, though Alex M was right on their tails with 2-1 wins over everyone except Jerry. The big story was the basement Pips Master, Jon Budd. He took games off Alex and Mark, then shocked the club with a 2-1 W over Jerry!! Onur was the only one comfortable with his odd pip blocks.

Group B – This was one of the most balanced groups in a while. But Shine Zhou blasted through runneup Imrul K 2-1 to grab the G2. Logan had a great 3-0 win over Shuhei; Minglu blanked Logan 3-0; and Lei smoked both 3-0. Imrul also had an impressive 3-0 W over powerful Logan.

Group C – This large contingent was broken up into 2 groups. Akbar posted a strong 3-0 win over Ali; Ali then outblocked Sebastian 3-0; Jing upsets Akbar; and Ali pastes Jing.

Group C extra – Herman Herman ran the table to a sweet 12-0! David H blocked down Mark W; Vivek spun Jian, and Mark outlasted Vivek.


Quarters – Alex blocks a game Logan 2-0; Shuhei smashes through Imrul in a war; Akbar spins down Jian; Onur edges Lei in a battle.

SEMIS – Alex fights off 2 match points, escapes the smashing Shuhei 13-11 in the third; Onur outfoxes Akbar 2-0.

FINALS – Crafty Alex forces some errors in Onur, but Onur bounces back with some nifty spins and counters. Too much Alex backhand though, the vet seals a 2-0 W with a patented backer. G2 to Alex M!

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: This Budd’s for you!! 7 wins on table 1! By a guy with no real strokes! Amazing! Big Kudos to Shine, Herman, Imrul, and Alex.

WEEK SCHEDULE: Thurs 6-9, Saturday 11:30-4, Sunday 1:30-4:30.

Mark Krotec

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