Jan 04 2015

POTTC Results for January 3, 2015

POTTC Results for January 3, 2015

Hi pongers,

Great indoor day, perfect for pong. Before the action, few announcements: 1. Reminder that league will be next Sunday 1-4:30. 2. Samson clinic this coming Saturday 9-5. 3. Samson is running a USATT tourney in Akron in March (let’s fill this with POTTC guys).

Here is blurb –

Dear Tournament Player,

I would like to invite you to participate in our March 20-21 tournament. Many of the events are filling up quickly, so I would highly recommend that you register in the next 1-2 weeks. This year our exciting event with feature the #1 player from Lebanon Joseph Shalhoub, the Egyptian National Team Member Sameh Awadallah, US National Team Member Samson Dubina, the elite team from Lindenwood University, and many many other top players.

Entry Form

Player Listing

Highlighted Features of the tournament:

  • Increased Prize Money!
  • Increased Event Selection!
  • Increased Court Sizes!
  • Player Lounge!
  • FREE Lunch and Dinner!
  • Discounted Flights!
  • Discounted Hotels!
  • Full USATT Events on Both Days!
  • 40 Tables to Ensure a Timely Event!
  • Conveniently Located Near the Highway with Easy Access to Hotels!
  • Round Robin Groups of 8 with the Top 4 Advancing From Every Group (even doubles)!
  • Excellent Playing Condition – 900 Lux lighting, Rubberized Matiflex Flooring!

See you soon!

Samson Dubina
Tournament Director

To our league action!

We welcomed 2 new players, Derrick Ward and Baogua Chen.

Prelim RR – Shuhei rolled to 6-0, beating Herman 2-0; Lei beat Akbar and split with Guoqiang to grab his group; and Logan won a tough, balanced group with a 5-1 mark.

FINAL RR – Group A: Jerry, Alex, and Anthony duked it out for top gun. Jerry managed to change pace and spin enough to shock Anthony 2-1 and win the G2 trophy. Anthony recovered from a shock of dropping a game to Logan, beating Alex 2-1 to grab second. Shuhei had a strong day in capturing fourth, knocking off Jerry 2-1, Logan 3-0, and Lei 2-1.

Group B: New player Baogua Chen had a dominating day, finishing 10-2 in a balance group. Imrul defeated fellow defender Herman 3-0 to grab second.

Group C: Jeff Peppered a tough field to a 9-3 record, mixing tough blocks and counters. Onur defeated Jeff 2-1, but suffered the shocking upset of the month, losing 3-0 to upstart Dave’ the block’ Herman. Dave finished second, even defeating coach Akbar 2-1.


Play-ins: Shuhei smashes through Mark W 2-0; Herman D’s up Onur 2-1.

Quarters: Alex controls Akabr 2-0; Shuhei blitzes Imrul 2-0; Logan spins through papa Herman 2-1; Anthony dismantles David’s wall of blocks.

SEMIS: Alex negates Shuhei power 2-0; Anthony finally shakes off a tough Logan.

FINALS: Anthony powers through Alex in the first, Alex then disrupts Anthiny with anti to knot it. Then, much to the dismay of the throng of 3 in the crowd, Anthony takes a vacation from O, takes up lobbing (no kidding, it is not April 1). Alex wins a bizarre game 3 to grab yet another G2!

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Shuhei!! Kudos to Jeff, Alex, Logan, Baogua, Jerry, and David.

WEEK SCHEDULE: Sunday 1:30-4:30, Tues, thurs, Friday 6-9, sat Samson clinic, League

Mark Krotec

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