Mar 21 2016

POTTC Results for March 20, 2016

POTTC Results for March 20, 2016

Hi Pongers,

Interesting competition in our first day back at CCHS!

First, a sincere thank you to all who helped us move from Eastminster. One immediate improvement is the wonderful lighting and great room at CCHS. Come out and try this best pong facility in Western PA. We are getting closer to a more permanent location, and will keep you posted. To the action!

PRELIM RR: Jonathan Budd pipped his way past runnerup Minglu and Rick Ankney for a 6-0 sweep. In the other bracket, Scott H split with Menj Ju 1-1, but dropped game to son Sean to fall to second in the group.


Group A – The two CCHS grads had their way in this one! Mark balsted Budd 3-0, and Jerry smashed through a game but sick Imrul 2-1. Menj Ju outspun Logan to wrap up round 1. Jerry continued to roll, though he dropped games to Menj Ju and Budd. Mark continued his torrid pace, sweeping all to go 12-0 up to the title match. With the G2 trophy at stake, fans were not disappointed. Jerry rushes out to a 10-4 lead, then Mark starts a remarkable run with the luck of the Polish (3 nets) to force deuce. Naturally he gets lucky in deuce to pull out the improbable 16-14 W. Second game also sees Mark force deuce with power shots, but Jerry seals the deal in deuce with a wonder block and great backhand. Game three tight the whole way, Jerry forces deuce with another nice block. But Mark prevails with some power drives at 13-11, ending with a 14-1 G2 trophy. On a bummer note, Jerry might be absent until October with the advent of golf season. We will surely miss his excellent play and great sportsmanship!

Group B – Very balanced group with great style contrasts. Rick A starts off with a 2-1 edging over top seed David; Minglu wins a 2-1 nail biter over group favorite Scott H. Scott recovers to best David 2-1, then Rick 3-0. But Minglu prevails over Rick and David 2-1 each to win the group and a G2 trophy.

Group C – Sean starts tough with a 3-0 pasting of Ben; Akbar spins past the improved Alexey 2-1. Sean then drops Alexey, and Akbar keeps pace by edging Ben 2-1. Title match set between coach and student. Akbar has a little too much serve and power, nips Sean 2-1 to grab the G2.


Semis – Minglu beats Ben but passes on next round; Logan blasts Sean in a battle of junior stars; Scott edges Minglu 2-1 in deuce in a nice battle.

FINALS – Logan turns on the juice, spins and backhands his way past Scott 2-1 for a G2 trophy.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Mark K! Kudos to Minglu and Sean.

WEEK SCHEDULE (tentative): PONG IS CLOSED FRIDAY + SATURDAY + SUNDAY for Easter Holiday. Tues carpool to South Park; Thursday open play 5-9. Clinic will be held Saturday at CMU 10-1 (call if you will attend).

Mark Krotec

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