Mar 06 2016

POTTC Results for March 5, 2016

POTTC Results for March 5, 2016

Hi Pongers,

As we wind down our time at Eastminster, reminder that next week we are in need of helpers in the early afternoon (after league) to load and transport tables. We welcomed new player Ben Hines today, an experienced player from the North Hills, and Will Gatti, a talented student of Mark K. Let’s review the action!

PREILIM RR: No real surprises here. Top seeds Scott H, Shuhei, and Jonathon Budd swept their groups. The 2-seeds, Imrul, Rick, and Minglu finished off the rest in a sweep as well. Great matches between Budd and Gao, and a nice split for Oleg against Ben.


Group A – Large group, with good balance. Shuhei starts with a ncie 2-1 edging of Budd; Imrul pulls a 3-0 shocker over Scott (including some of the best rallies of the week); and mark blanks Logan. Imrul continues his fine play, blanking a shocked Shuhei and stealing a game off Mark. Logan raises his O game to edge Budd and Scott 2-1; but Shuhei quiets Logan 2-1. Meanwhile, Jerry and Mark manage to defeat all 5 opponents, setting up an anticipated title match. A familiar script follows: each game is knotted at 8-8. Mark misses a few serve returns to lose the first, then he attacks strong at the end of games 2 and 3. Jerry responds with some amazing counter offense, finishes Mark in earning a 3-0 G2 trophy.

Group B – Top 4 was truly a war, great balance with contrasting styles. Emeka opens with a nice 2-1 upset over top seed Minglu; David edges Rick with strong backhand attacks; Minglu recovers to sweep David, and Emeka blanks newbie Ben. In a surprise, Emeka spins past Rick and David 2-1 to win his first group B G2 trophy!! Minglu grabs second by virtue of this seeps of David and Ben.

Group C – Another tight group, though Kyeng Park separated himself early and strong. Will and Tim used solid forehands to sweep Don, who retired early due to illness. Oleg earned 2 nice 2-1 wins over Will and Tim; and Tim edged Will 2-1 to grab second in group. Kyeng used great spins and a variety of shots to dominate in undefeated fashion.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Emeka! Big Kudos to Kyeng and Jerry.

WEEK SCHEDULE: Tuesday – car pool to South Park (leave Oakland at 6:15), Thurs open play 6-9; Saturday LEAGUE, Sunday open play and clinic AT Central Catholic HS.

Mark Krotec

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