Oct 26 2014

POTTC Results for October 25, 2014

POTTC Results for October 25, 2014

Hi pongers,

Another gorgeous fall day, though probably limiting our attendance. 15 players, including newcomer Sam Lu, enjoyed some great competition.

Before we review the action, a few reminders:

  1. Please arrive before 9:30am if you want to be play in the prelim RR
  2. Please consider attending our Sunday clinics, they are very helpful to your game. We can also hold clinics tues and Friday evening if you prefer. Call to schedule.
  3. Consider traveling with us Sat Nov 8 to Belmont Ohio to play in their money tourney. We will arrange carpools.
  4. Remember to sign up for the Western PA tourney, held the weekend of Nov 15-16.

Prelim RR – Top seeds struggled to survive the attacks of lower players. Jeff Pepper and Ray Vasko stole games off Shuhei, and Ray even split with Jeff. Vivek pulled the upset of the day, sneaking a game off the greta anti game of Jan Fischer. Akbar managed to capture the third group when Mark K retired due to leg injury. Alexei also had a nice win over David H, and Logan spun through a consistent Wenjin.

Final RR –

Group A – Jan and Shuhei pretty much cruised through the competition, 9-0 And 8-1, before facing off for the title. Shuhei continued to baffle Jan by blasting thorough his anti, and short blocking Jan’s attacks. In a thriller, Shuhei pulls out a 2-1 W. Jeff Pepper had a nice block and counter-hit match, besting Akbar 2-1, though he fell victim to Imrul’s fishing and lobbing D.

Group B – Guoqiang Wang used a great mix of push, block, and smash to dominate the group, losing only a single game to rising star David H. Ray Vasko befuddled the rest with his great reflexes and tennis shots, knocking off David, Logan, and Vivek. Credit Vivek for a nice W over powerful junior Logan.

Group C – Simple story in this one. Wenjin Li just too consistent, sweeps the field to 12-0. Alexey used strong spins to defeat Jian Lin for second, though Carlino managed to mix up the ratings with a nice 2-1 W over Alexey.


Shuhei defeats Logan in a slugfest of great power shots; Imrul too much D for David H; Jan gets revenge easily on Vivek; and Akbar blasts through Guoqiang’s spins 2-0.

Semis – Shuhei and Imrul stage another classic (we should tape these!). Shuhei up 10-6 in third, Imrul digs in too force OT, but Shuhei blasts 2 straight to make finals. Jan then baffles Akbar in third with a great mix of shots, surviving the Akbar power game.

FINALS: Rematch time! But it ends the same way. In third game, Shuhei short blocks backhand and drills his forehand, forcing Jan into weak blocks. Shuhei emerges champ, wins a truly deserving G2 trophy.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Gotta go with Shuhei for his double win! Big Kudos to Guoqiang and Wenjin for their RR dominance.

WEEK SCHEDULE: Tues + Friday 5:30-8:30, Thursday training at CC 4:30-7, Saturday 9-1 League, Sunday 1:30-5 open play and clinic.

Mark Krotec

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