Feb 03 2017

Slippery Rock Winter Classic 2017 Table Tennis Tournament

Slippery Rock Winter Classic 2017 Table Tennis Tournament

For contact info and entry form, download the SRU Table Tennis 2017 invitation and entry form

Slippery Rock Winter Classic 2017 Table Tennis Tournament
Sunday, February 26, 2017 @ 1:00pm

INVITATION:  Players of both genders and of all levels are invited to join us to celebrate table tennis with a night of competitive play.

SPONSOR/HOST:  SRU Physical and Health Education Department

SANCTION:  This tournament is not sanctioned under USA Table Tennis.

While the event is not USATT sanctioned, the medalists of the open events are usually between the range of 1600 to 2000 of USATT rating. Needless to say, less experienced or players without USATT rating are also welcome.


LOCATION:  Slippery Rock University, Morrow Fieldhouse Wrestling Room, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

EQUIPMENT:  STIGA tables with a playing area approximately 28’x14’ for each table. USTTA approved three-star poly 40+ balls. The floor is hardwood.


  • Open Singles (advanced)
  • Novice singles (under 1000 USATT rating approximately)
  • Doubles (mixed- or single-gender teams)

Each player is limited to enter one singles event and the doubles.

A minimum of three matches are guaranteed in singles; two in doubles.


Doubles begin at 1:00 pm
Singles events: no earlier than 2:00 pm
Singles finals are anticipated around 6:00 pm



Singles: Round Robin group play followed by Single Elimination final stage.
Doubles: Single Elimination with Consolation Bracket for first round losers.

ENTRY FEES:  Individual Events: $5 Doubles: $2.50 per player

TOURNAMENT ENTRY LIMIT:  If the number of entries reaches beyond a manageable number, the tournament might be closed before the entry deadline.

ELIGIBILITY:  All players of any age and ability are encouraged to enter.

We are expecting club players, amateurs, college students, as well as high school and middle school players. Again, there is no restriction and all are welcome.

ENTRY PROCEDURES:  Entry forms must be received by the entry deadline.

Entry fees must be also received by the entry deadline.


SRU PHE Department

Send check with your entry, or send it separately if submitting entries via email or fax. Cash is also acceptable if you are on campus before entry deadline.

DOUBLES ENTRIES:  Write the name of your partner on the entry form and include your entry fee. Only those who have paid the fee for doubles will be allowed to find partners at the tournament. Let us know if you need a partner for doubles, we will help you.

AWARDS:  Medals for places 1 through 3 for each category.

UMPIRES:  Matches are played without an umpire present. The tournament director has the right to act as umpire if there is a request from any player in any match.

PLAYING RULES:  USATT playing rules apply; Please review the rules, especially on the service (Rule 2.6) and winning a point (Rule 2.10). USATT Rules are available upon request, or find them at http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Table-Tennis

SCORING:  Best 3 out of 5 sets.

WARM-UP INFORMATION:  The gym will be open for practice and warm-up from 4 p.m. Pre-match warm up during the tournament will be limited to 2 minutes.

REPORTING AND STARTING TIMES:  Players must register at the desk not later than 20 minutes prior to the starting time for their earliest event. Only those who registered at the desk will be drawn into the tournament schedule.
DIRECTIONS:  From I-79, take Exit 105 (Slippery Rock). Turn left at the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp and follow State Route 108 east into Slippery Rock. At the traffic light, turn right onto Main Street. Follow Main Street to the second traffic light (Kiester Road). Turn left onto Kiester Road and proceed to the flashing light. Turn left and go to the dead end. You are now on the SRU campus. At the dead end, turn left to go to Morrow Field House, which will be directly ahead of you, or turn right to go to Visitors parking areas in the West Lake or East Lake parking areas.

For contact info and entry form, download the SRU Table Tennis 2017 invitation and entry form


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