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Pittsburgh Oakland Table Tennis Club

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Pittsburgh Oakland Table Tennis Club

Location: ACE Hotel, 120 S. Whitfield St., Pittsburgh PA 15206 (East Liberty, across from the East Liberty Presbyterian Church)

Days: FLEX SCHEDULE.   We will publish this every week and on our website.  PLEASE NOTE:   2 Tables are often available for play outside of our designated times.  You can call the ACE to ask if time is available 412-361-3300.  These tables are often available until about 2am!!  ALSO, CCHS IS AVAILABLE FOR TRAINING/COACHING AT VARIOUS TIMES BY APPOINTMENT THROUGH MARK KROTEC.  Coaching Staff:  Akbar Ormes, Mark Krotec, Shay Sinha, Tomo Teraoka, Mark Weiner, Anthony Lewis.

Other training sessions/clinics scheduled by appointment/announcement.  See for updates, and an email will be sent to all members every week. 

Equipment:  10 competition tables, 1 training table (robot + multi-ball station).

Facility: Wood floor gymnasium, air conditioning, excellent lighting.  Walking distance to food shops, bus lines, etc.  Full bar and restaurant adjoining gymnasium.  Patrons receive pong discounts.

Sunday League Play Format:    Doors open at 1 hour prior to play.  Prelim Round Robin play – players of ALL ratings mixed.   Final Round Robin event – pairings are based on finish of prelim RR + player rating (prelim RR NOT required)  

Fees:  Membership -$150/year (includes robot training, access to training sessions/coaching during week, and eligibility for player awards) or $10/day for league play for non-members.  STUDENT Rate:  $75/year or $5/visit.  Open play nights $5 for non-members.

Contact information:  Mark Krotec   412-916-2439, Akbar Ormes  412-576-0479. 

POTTC committee: Mark Krotec, Akbar Ormes, Anthony Lewis, Jeff Pepper, Mike Marks, Mark Weiner, Tomo Teraoka, Sebastian Kieley, Rick Claraval.

Circuit Competition/Ratings: 

Total points are used to determine the seasonal club champion in each division.  In addition, an ongoing rating system similar to South Park Club is used to record league standings, and to determine handicaps for periodic handicap tournaments.

Periodic alternative competitive play/Money event: usually $20 entry fee.  Normal RR format in each division (level).  Winners receive 50%, second place 30%, third 10% of entry fees.  10% pooled for later money event extravaganza and player awards.

Ratings: In addition, an ongoing rating system similar to the USATT system is used to record league standings and determine handicaps for handicap tournaments. Each player’s rating is adjusted after each game, depending on who won and difference between the opponent’s rating and their own:

 +500 or more  Win +60  Lose  -1
 +400 to +500      +50        -2
 +300 to +400      +40        -3
 +200 to +300      +30        -5
 +100 to +200      +25       -10
 -100 to +100      +20       -20
 -100 to -200      +10       -25
 -200 to -300       +5       -30
 -300 to -400       +3       -40
 -400 to -500       +2       -50
 -500 or more       +1       -60

Ratings are calculated using the ePonger table tennis league management software program written by Jeff Pepper.

2-Person Team Event: teams are formed from the highest + lowest ranked player, second-highest + second lowest ranked player, etc.  RR pools will be played, leading to elimination round.  Format:  2 games per singles match + 3 doubles game = 11 total games.

Handicap Event:  RR pools, single game to 31, handicap determined by relative club rankings. Top 2 finishers in each pool advance to elimination round.

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